​森 宗昌

MD. Ph.D.,

Principal Investigator

Assistant Professor of Medicine,

Columbia Center for Human Development (CCHD),

Pulmonary Allergy & Critical Care Medicine, Department of Medicine,

Columbia University Irving Medical Center

Humor in our life, science, and innovation. These are just a few things Mooney deserves in his lab. He has developed an experimental basis for functional lung generation in mice. He is advancing his technology towards human lung generation and in vivo disease-modeling with his lab mates.


Lab tech

Rose came from New Zealand to join Dr. Mori's lab. Her passion for science and dedication to helping lab mates are essential for realizing our difficult mission. Professionalism and her organization into Mori Lab make our lab the top of the Notch. 


​澤田 杏里

MD,  Post-Doc fellow

Anri is the first postdoc in Mori lab and has a mind teeming with innovative ideas and outside-the-box solutions. He is a medical doctor (MD), and his specialty is in nephrology and pathology. He is going to study the regulatory mechanism controlling lung generation in our organ generation system.


PhD,  Post-Doc scientist

Youngmin is the up-and-coming star in the Mori lab. His intense craving guided him to the USA from South Korea for fighting against the COVID-19 pandemic. His nanotechnology-based strategy will surrender the life-threatening viral penumonia. 


MD PhD,  Post-Doc fellow

​Aki is a thoracic surgeon at Okayama Univesity in Japan. He joined in Mori lab this November. He won the competitive JSPS overseas fellowships in 2020. We expect that his exceptional talent and guts may revolutionize the field of pulmonary surgery by modeling autologous lung transplantation.  



MD PhD,   Visiting Associate Research Scientist

Tat is one of the best talented pulmonary clinician-scientists in Mori's Lab. His humbleness and carefulness are transforming Mori Lab to be a more sophisticated, intelligent environment.


MD PhD,  Post-Doc fellow

Yuko is a leading, awarded nephrologist coming from Nagoya Univesity in Japan.  Her dedication to our essential mission will be the critical breath for our novel understanding of developmental biology. 

Hemanta Sarmah

PhD,  Post-Doc scientist

Hemanta is an exceptional developmental biologist originally from India and recently graduated from OIST (Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology Graduate University) in Japan. His compassion and passion for science are the indispensable seasonings for realizing our dream come true.  

Rashmika Patel

Lab admins.

Rashmi has initially supported Mori lab admins. She assisted tons and dozens of the ordering. Her dedication and support in Dr. Mori's lab were critical for smoothening lab maintenance and survival.

Kathryn Kennedy

Project manager

Kathryn is CCHD's project manager and also one of the biggest supporters of Dr. Mori's new lab at CCHD. Her priceless friendship effectuated forming the Mori Lab to be acknowledged,  harmonious, and unique. She secures the essential element for Dr. Mori's project fulfilling.  


What We Do

The main goal of our Laboratory is to understand how efficiently we can generate a whole entire respiratory organ. We use a combination of approaches and technologies that we have developed for use in our studies. Learn more about our research and areas of study below.


Overview of Our Research

Our research aims to understand the concepts and mechanisms which underly the complexities of lung generation. We use advanced research techniques and technologies to explore the scientific hypotheses that our Laboratory poses. Our research is generously supported by funding from the government and a number of foundations.

We are looking for an outstanding lab tech who has a strong passion for contributing to the next generation of regenerative medicine: organ bioengineering. 


Contact Dr. Mori ( if you want to join our lab. 


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