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Mori Lab NEWS!!

October 2022.

Mori lab team found the potential airway epithelial cell phenotype in response to Plasma Cluster Ions as a collaborative work with SHARP company. Well done, my teams! Particularly great work, Youngmin! 



Please also find out about the accomplishment of our collaborator, Dr. Tsuji! 








July 2022.

Shreya joined Mori Lab! 


The CCHD center and associated members received the S10 grants for Stellaris Leica confocal microscopy. Big congrats!! 

Febrary 2022 

Shymaa joined Mori Lab

November 2021.

Mooney received the RX1  bioprinter company award.
Big congrats!! 


November 2021.

Aki received the Uehara foundation. Big congrats!! 

September 2021.

Jun received the Uehara foundation. Big congrats!! 

September 2021.

Jun, a postdoc, joined Mori lab. 

August 2021.

Zurab, a chief tech, participated in Mori lab. 

July 2021.
Big congrats to Jun!!  He won the Research Fellowship of The Uehara Memorial Foundation for studying abroad! 

June 2021.

Mooney received the SHARP company award. Big congrats!! 

May 2021.
Stacey, a research tech, joined Mori lab. 

April 2021.
Tat's leaving from Mori lab. Tat could join only for half of a year but contributed tremendously to Mori's lab. We will miss you! Good luck with his future life, and we will meet again! 

February 2021.

Rose's promotion to the core staff specialist in the CSCI (Columbia Stem Cell Core). Congratulations! Thank you for all of your support for our lab set-up and experiments. We sincerely appreciate it. Good luck with your life and we will miss you a lot!!


October 2020.

Aki and Tat arrived in the USA and started to join Mori Lab! Welcome to our home! 



Big congrats to Aki!! He won the Research Fellowship for Young Scientists from Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS): 
Overseas Challenge Program for Young Researchers


November 2020.

Yuko and Hemanta started to join Mori Lab!

Welcome to NY! 



We are ramping up. 

Folks, be patient, and stay safe.



Our lab ramps down by the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

Folks, stay safe.

Our lab will fight against this life-threatening disease.



Two postdoc positions are available in Dr. Mori's lab.

       Your story goes here. See the detail.

-updates: 2020.11. The positions are filled.



Mooney won DoD awards! Exceptional performance!  

November 18th. 2019. Press release and news of our accomplishments in Japan.

November 7th 2019.

Mori et al., Nature Medicine, 2019, in press.



Rose joined in Mori's lab!

10.01. 2019.

Mori lab officially starts! This is just the beginning. 


Mooney received the prestigious NIH (NHLBI) award, RO1 (PI: Mori).  Congratulations!!!!!!


Mooney received the prestigious DoD award (PI: Mori)


Mooney starts a collaboration with Hiro. 

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