No joy without you. Thank you for sharing your life with me!  Cheers!

2022.  summer.  Here we are  for the lung generation! 


2022.  summer.   Mothra  was created! Beautiful confocal image! 
We need Godzilla , too.

2022.  summer  New members (Stacey, Zurab, and  Jun) joined Mori  lab!

2022.  April  Tat's leaving...  you are the best!  We will meet again! 

2022.  4.17. Tat's farewell BBQ party. 


2022.  February Snowstorm buried NY & NJ in the deep snow!

2022.  1.29.  Rose's farewell and happy new year party!   Thank you so much, Rose and we will meet you again!  Happy new year! 

2021.  January   Happy New Year! No more COVID-19!

2020.  November & December, More fun with new members!  Welcome to NY, Yuk   and Hemanta!

2020.  October      The arrival of Aki and Tat on Halloween season!

2020.  08.14.     Seasoning the special summer in the COVID-19 era! 

2020.  July.     Welcome to Mori Lab in NY, Youngmin!


2020.  June.     We ramp-up our lab and trying to get back our ordinary science!

2020.  03.17. Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak. We will get back our life no matter what! 

2020.  02.20. The memorial day  for Anri! 


2019. October.  Dr. Mori has his own office! Now Mori Lab is ready!


2019.    The short vacation  in    Japan.  Thank you for sharing your precious time with me and for celebrating my future with me.  Your spirit is on me.


2019. 06. Mayu's farewell party 

2016 summer.    The short stay in Hiro's lab!  Great time!


2014.    A short vacation in    Japan.  Thank you for taking the time with me.


2014.    We got drunk to fight against the scientific world! Nomi-nucation! 

2014.4.10. Team horse!! I believe that we will re-unit again!

2012. THE movement  to NY with my good friend. We miss you!


2012. Lunch with initial CReM members! I miss you guys so much! Cheers! 

2012. Home party at Mooney's house in Boston with JED, Bob's family, and Wellington!